Frequently Asked Questions

What is the interview process?

Our hiring experts complete preliminary screening of all applicants, matching them to your requirements. The shortlisted candidates are then interviewed by your company for technical and functional fit. Our team will work closely with you during this phase and assist with the entire process.

What will EmployeeOutsourced handle on my behalf?

EmployeeOutsourced will:

  • Be the Employer of Record
  • Manage payroll, benefits and administration
  • Fulfill all local compliance laws
  • Conduct all HR related responsibilities
  • Facilitate the necessary infrastructure needed for operations, such as supplies, technology and office space

Is my confidentiality protected?

Yes. We do not share any information about our clients. Furthermore, all employees are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) when they commence work.

What language will my employees speak?

We only hire candidates with excellent English speaking skills.

Will my employees work full time?

As per your requirements, employees may work full time, part time or on a project by project basis.

Can my employees leave without notice?

No. Your employees may not leave without providing proper notice. A mutually agreed upon notice period is incorporated in each employment agreement.

What time zone will my employees work in?

You may choose to have employees work in your time zone or their local time zone, as per your requirements.

Are there any additional fees?

No. You only pay for the hours worked and at an agreed upon rate. There are no additional upfront fees or hidden costs.